July 2017 Vera Update has broken GCal3

I am pretty sure that vera has done it again - screwed up an update. Basic code, that has not changed in years is no longer working.

Specifically - the UI is not passing in values for CalendarID and Credential file names. So they cannot be set and therefore a new install will fail. (Technically lul-settings is not being populated)

For users with existing plugins - they still work as long as you do not try to change CalendarID or Credential FileName

I will have to follow up with vera development.

An update – I sent an email to Vera Dev a couple of days ago but they have, so far, not responded in any way.
I double checked with my other plugin GetLog (much simpler) and it has the same issue.

I sent a follow up email to Vera Dev together with the complete source for GetLog.
Hopefully they will at least respond saying they will look into it …

Vera got back to me today to say that their development staff have identified and fixed the problem and will include the fix in the next update. They neglected to say when that would be. I asked - waiting on a reply.

As I am reverse engineering the plantlink plugin, I am finding out the same problem. lul.settings is not being populated to set the credentials. Hope you get an answer soon.

looks like Vera are back to their old tricks …

They released a beta update yesterday. I applied the update and - guess what - NO FIX!

They are like Bower birds – attracted to bright shiny things. The current bright shiny thing is java UI …

Their QA, if it exists, is ineffective … how hard to have test cases …

So I have to apologize to Vera. The fix worked. For some reason the firmware update did not work. Vera, to their credit double checked with my plugin and confirmed the fix. I reapplied the firmware update and it’s working.

Note that this is beta firmware. If you want to get GCal3 working (or working again) then this is for you. Here is the link to the beta firmware – make sure you use the url that applies to your hardware.

@Stuart Thank you for posting this and taking it through its course with Vera. I’ve been trying to sort out why lul_settings hasn’t been populated for some users on a new plugin I’ve got in beta right now. Sure enough, all those with problems are running 2935 or 2937 firmware. You just saved me a lot hair pulling. You da real MVP.

I just wanted to post another follow-up on this. The folks testing my beta plugin are now confirming that the 7.0.22b (beta, 1.7.963/3014/3015/3016) indeed fixes the issue, BUT, it also requires a full flush and reload of the browser.

Ha – I’ve seldom known anything associated with Vera that did not require “a full flush and reload of the browser.”

Looks like 3015 is now a released build…

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