Job status icon

When I return 2 or 4 from my job there’s a correct message in the log, but UI doesn’t show any icon, not green nor red.

I don’t seem to be able to reflect any job status in any way on UI, although it would be helpful to be able to display status, and custom ‘hover’ message to let user an idea what’s going on there.
My plugin can be in ‘Busy’ state, and givng user just OK or Failed status would be misleading…

Going a bit further, I think we need to have a way to display a free text response message when user manually initiates an action (i.e. clicks on a button). This way if he forgot to enter a parameter in device options I’d be able to advice him on that; or give him some details on possible action failure.

After you create the job, retrieve the current status like this:

In the ‘jobs’ tag for the device, does the job appear? If so, it should be in the UI. Please turn on verbose logs and submit a trouble ticket.

Successfully submited ticket: 966

BTW, how can I make the On/Off button to change between blue and green to indicate current status of the device?

For that matter, how are color blind users supposed to distinguish the difference between a green (“Good/Okay”) and red (“Bad/Error”) icon?

I’m beginning to think the icons (especially the sets of icons that look identical in grayscale, like all the ‘gear’ ones) could use some augmentation to indicate success or failure. Perhaps a ‘diagonal slash’ through the red one, to suggest ‘not’, for instance.

See the current set of Vera icons at:

I believe color-blindness – since it does affect a substantial portion of the population, particularly men – should be a serious UI consideration.

I just updated the code so you can add 2 more xml tags, jobname and icon to the implementation file for an action:

urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1 SetTarget onoff OFF

This way when the job is started it will have a name (‘onoff’), and the job status will appear as the icon indicated. Available icons are ‘ON’, ‘OFF’ and ‘LEVEL’ as explained here: