Jandy vs pentair

I’m curious to see of those of you who have each of the system’s how your experience has been hooking it up to your Vera, as well as what would you estimate the total cost that you’ve invested. And what options do you have in your system. Are you happy?

I’ve written both plugins for Autelis and I own Pentair gear. Personally, after seeing Hayward, Jandy, and Pentair automation each of them have their +s and -s. Frankly, I prefer the Pentair Intellitouch system over all the others. Primarily because of the way it handles shared body systems, VS and VF pumps, solar integraton, and lighting. Depending on the number of circuits, valve actuators, and the like you may be able to get by with an EasyTouch. However, if you have the means the Intellitouch will give you more of everything. I have the Aux circuits and the Valves maxed out.

The Jandy WaterColors interface is pretty slick in that you can program each circuit to run separate colors but I don’t think you can sync them for specific color shows. However, the heater sources are a bit quirky in that you cannot for instance have the solar only be on for the pool or even set it as a preference for the spa. If the solar is on the solar is on whichever body you are running. It will not turn back on for instance if you switch from spa to pool with the solar off.

My investment is pretty high since ScreenLogic II was not out at the time and all the extra panels and MobileTouch really boosted the cost. I also have landscape lighting tied to the Intellibrite controller in the panel. This allows all the lighting around the house to be in sync with the pool, spa, and MagicStream lighting.

Intellitouch 9+3,
Autelis unit (works with the Vera Plugin)
Intellibrite Landscape Lighting
Indoor Control Panel
3 VS Pumps
Mastertemp 400k Heater

You should check what the current prices are for these items as at the time of purchase probably close to $20k for just the automation probably around $4.5k for valves, load center, personality board, Mobi, control panels, and Autelis.

All in everything on the pool is controllable and monitored by the plugin.

I have a Jandy system connected to two Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps. I have a Jandy Touch Panel. When I look at the Status I see the Pentair Motor Status and RPM, etc… I would like to receive the Pentair motor status in my ISY system. Is there a error report variable or message the ISY can see to trigger a text message upon a pump error condition using the Autelis System?

Unfortunately, this option does not exist in the Autelis as of yet. All that is reported is on/off and the current pump mode setting 1-8 for VS pumps. The folks at Autelis are looking at adding RPM and Wattage in a future update the last time I asked about it.

Also, as far as I am aware the Intelliflo does not report error conditions, only RPM, pump mode (1-4 or 1-8), Wattage, and Filter % and Flow for VF. I am unaware of any error codes reported.

The Autelis folks are also working on a couple bugs in their 1.6.9 firmware Welcome to autelis.com