iVera Free update

As mentioned in a previous thread, a free version of iVera was sent last Monday to Apple for approval in the AppStore and was just reviewed. Unfortunately Apple was not able to accept it yet as apparently they do not allow “feature-limited” versions.

The idea was to give Vera users a free try at iVera and discover its full interface by allowing visibility of all devices but only allowing the two first lights and sensors to be actually controlled (ie, you could see how your thermostat or camera would look like and work for example but would not be able to change its settings). We are currently investigating options to comply with Apple’s requirements and resubmit a new version.

Just wanted to give you a little update and sorry for the wait … Hope current iVera users are enjoying it :slight_smile:

check out iVera at www.thinkiwi.com

I guess its how you word it…

SQ remote has one version and an in-app upgrade option.

Bet you wouldn’t have that problem with Android ;D

iVera Free has finally been accepted on the AppStore!!

This free version of iVera allows you to control two lights and scenes (note that your other devices will not be showed - that was part of the complaint from Apple’s reviewer).

In order to still be able to experience iVera’s different functionalities and supported devices, a “demo mode” was embedded within iVera. Go to Settings->Advanced and switch demo mode ON to see what iVera could really look like!

You can get your copy at :


By the way, MCV was kind enough to create a dedicated category in its forum (named “Remotes (SQ Remote, iVera, Android, WM)”)… so all future discussions/updates about iVera will happen there …

I hope you enjoy iVera!