iVera crash on start iPhone 4S - unreachable remote network

I have rebooted phone, tried it in wifi, tried it in 3G (Verizon) and still crashes each and every time. As bar goes across to Downloading data - crash.

I have two configs - home and cabin. I’m at home at it is likely trying to connect to cabin.

Just tried iVera on my wifi iPad. It was set to my home configuration and came up OK. Switched to remote config and it showed me the config. But didn’t behave properly, still had settings from home setup (upstairs, downstairs) vs. settings for cabin (garage, front door). Then it crashed. Now, it too, won’t open as it is on remote connection.

Just tried via MiOS/Windows and it appears my remote network is unavailable. So that is a problem, but iVera shouldn’t crash out and be unusable now for my local network.

Have you tried [tt]iVera[/tt] > [tt]Reset All Settings[/tt] through the Settings app on your phone, to restore local access?