iVera 1.2.x beta testing


If some iVera users want to test out 1.2.x in beta, send an email now to iVera@thinkiwi.com!


Could you post the news?

How can I install the beta on my iPhone?

Thank you

Send an email?

@ teonebello, yes, send an email to ivera@thinkiwi.com and I will send you an invitation.

Email sent ;D

Email Sent


Thank you all, an invitation was sent (from testflightapp.com) to you guys … looking forward to hearing back from you.

beta testing application is now closed.

Thank you!

But i didn’t receive yet your email. Is it correct?

Best regards,

@teonebello, you should have received an email from testflightapp … let me know if you haven’t. Thanks!

iVera, I made request of beta testing and loaded testflightapp with success, but I get a message that I need to have a ver 4.0 loaded on my device, I have a Itouch 1st generation that seemed to work fine with previous versions of iVera any help would be appreciated. Mike

@Michael_N_Blackwell, iVera itself requires iOS 3.1.2+ but testflight (tool used to install iVera Beta over the air) requires iOS4.0+. You can still install iVera Beta manually by downloading it to your computer and installing via iTunes (the old way). Let me know if you have problems.

The main reason i bought iVera at around 20 euro’s is that it supports iOS 3.12.
My old iPhone3 still refuses to accept the beta profile/beta app, but i would be glad to assist in beta testing.

It should work, ive done beta testing for other apps (using the oldfasioned way of loading the stuff) but i cant seem to get iTunes to sync the app, or if it seemingly does, i get an error “app not signed”

If iVera isnt too busy i wouldnt mind giving it a few more tries.

Hoping the new release will still support 3.12 and up. Maybe even support for LUUP plugins like DAD, SND etc.
That would be GREAT