I've lost voice control

Voice control through Alexa has been very stable but today it just stopped working. The Vera app showed the VOI section was empty. It previously was linked to Amazon.

I relinked my Amazon account and waited a few hours.

Currently, Alexa just says the device isn’t responding.

I have rebooted but that didn’t fix it.

I searched this forum for similar posts or a post about it being down but didn’t find one.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Alexa integration has been down for me since this morning as well. Haven’t tried VOI - I gave up on that years ago - but alexa control over my Ezlo devices was working up until this morning, but now seems to be broken.

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Update: Voice control is working again. I do not know who or what fixed it.

Its not working for me, both Alexa and Google Home say not responding. This is with scenes in my Vera Plus btw.