IT-100 & Putty viewing communication strings

According to MCV tech support, they had me hook up my IT100 directly to my computer and run putty to verify that
there is information coming from the 1832 panel. I did a keybus scan and it shows 1 & 8. Thats the keypad and the IT100. With the FTDI USB adaptor I hooked it up to the computer and verified the COM port being 12. I opened up Putty and told it to open serial device on com12 at 9600 baud rate. The black screen opens and the green cursor
flashes with no data when I do anything with the panel. Open a zone, arm a zone etc.
What am I doing wrong here? What should I see on the screen for data?
I’ve had 2 other posts in reference to the IT100 and an 1832 panel not communicating.
The green light is flashing on the IT100 showing status. Someone help please.