Issues with Vistacam PT Connecting to WIFI

I am wondering what I am doing wrong when I try to connect my Vistacam PT to wifi.

I have went over a few setup guides and it still it not able to connect to my wifi. I can see the camera when connected wired, but as soon as I input the SSID and password, the cam reboots and doesnt connect.

Running wifi on a separate router and using the Veralite hub.

Any help?

What do you mean wifi on a separate router and using the veralite hub?

Is your Ethernet connection on a different router than the router connected to the veralite hub?

Sorry about that, I will clarify.

My wifi router is not my Vera hub. It is the same router that my hub is connected to.

Ok, I’m assuming you unplug the Ethernet when told to and follow the directions exactly as is? Hmm…since it works on Ethernet, can you go to a browser and open the camera’s web server page by inputting the local IP address?

On that page (while still connected with Ethernet) what are the firmware version numbers?

Have you also ever reset the camera?

I can check firmware when I get home. Yes, I have reset the device a few times and went through the process again without any luck.