Issues with EZLogic - 1.32.2

Here are some issues with the latest version of MeshBots in EZLogic - 1.32.2

There is no option to enter a value for thermostat-temp-equal(==)

Same here, no place to enter a value.

Clicking on Expression caused the UI to crash.

DSC alarm plugin won’t install.

Night time condition not working. It would be really nice if “Night” and “Day” function were added to the drop down list if Special Time of Day.

Hello @JimMac ,

We will replicate and investigate the issue.
We’ve created this ticket so you can check the progress: ECS-1056

Thank you.

I created an account to track the progress of these issues. I get “You do not have permission to view this request.” when tracking ticket ECS-1056.

Since I can’t track the progress of these issues can anyone tell me when “night time” and “day time” triggers will be fixed. I would assume that everyone would need this function.

@JimMac it will be live with the release 31st Oct.

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