Issues associating a Zooz ZEN26 with an Evolve LTM 5

I am having issues associating a Zooz ZEN26 with an Evolve LTM-5

The Zooz doesn’t want to configure after I associate it with the LTM-5, but it configures when I remove the associations.

I contacted Zooz and after a few back and forth emails, I received this:

Hi Jim,

Thanks for those details.

Every Z-Wave device is included with some kind of security level and certain Z-Wave hubs will allow you to select a particular level for a device during inclusion.

Since the ZEN26 can only support no security or S2 security, you’ll need to try and include the LTM-5 with no security, since it’s currently included with S0 security (which is probably the highest level it supports). We would recommend reaching out to Vera support to see if there is a way to include the LTM-5 without security.

Once both devices are included with no security, you’ll be able to associate them.



Support Team

Does anyone know how to do this?
Thank you

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