Issues after upgrade

Hello -

Just upgraded to the latest firmware.

It looks like several devices are showing up as “Open Locks” that aren’t locks.

WWN Home/Away Plugin

This DOES NOT happen with the native Vera app.

I know the developer doesn’t seem to be around much these days but hoping someone sees this and can help.

Try changing the category/subcategory numbers for those devices.

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I think you’re on to something! The device or two that I checked do not even have those variables. It’s been awhile since I’ve messed with them.

Can you remind me what the different values mean? I could set new variables but have no clue what the values should be to make sense.

Thanks for the clue!

Found this:

That should get me going.

Thanks again!

OK. So category_num and subcategory_num are Params (not variables).

Apparently the author of the devices didn’t set those somewhere? Is that fixable easily?

(sorry for all the replies)


Fixable in the device control panel, Advanced tab, Attributes sub-tab.

Thanks @rigpapa . That helped me fix all but one remaining. It looks like Opensprinkler must not have category_num (or subcategory_num) in its definitions as the value is not in the console to change. I’m not against setting it in JSON but I’m not precisely sure how/where to do that.

You can create/set the in the Luup/Lua test page:

luup.attr_set( "category_num", catNum, deviceNumber )
luup.attr_set( "subcategory_num", subCatNum, deviceNumber )

Replace deviceNumber with the OpenSprinkler device number, and catNum and subCatNum with the category and subcategory numbers respectively.

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Thanks for saving the rest of my Saturday, Patrick. That worked great.

I’m going to look in to your Sitesensor next. With the WU API changing (and nobody fixing the Weather Underground or Virtual Rain Sensor plugins), I’m now posting my station data to OpenWeatherMap. I’ll use your Sitesensor to (hopefully) pull down my station’s data. I use Weewx so there’s a chance I can just use it to pull directly from there (it runs a web server, I believe).

Thanks again.

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