Issue with "any" year and schedules

I have zwave roman shades in my sunroom. I use lux sensors to determine whether they need to be up or down. I want to have the month be part of the condition since the position of the sun changes depending on the season.

The problem is that it refuses to work. I have toggled the schedules and done everything I can think of. It just wont work. Other schedules work fine based on sunrise/sunset, time of day, etc. I just cant get the “any year” to work under absolute.

Any suggestions?

I should add that I would rather not have to use schedules for this, if PLEG had a month variable or even a day of year variable I could work with that.

Use “schedules & timers” an option? (Multiple)

I’m using a separate schedule for each month now, or did you mean something different?

Yes meant that.

No other pleg option comes in mind.

You could go the route of a plugin… weather plugin?

I use homeassistant with node red, vera integration. Easily doable there…

Try Reactor, it’s superseded PLEG.

:roll_eyes: This is the PLEG support forum.

So you could build a schedule that runs at midnight daily. Then build Conditions that feature Sequence Expressions to check what month it is. Your Action could then be to set the value for another Condition (Conditions can be used to store variables).

Oh wait, I know why your timers aren’t working. The problem is that if Vera is not running, an absolute schedule won’t fire. And Vera does a Luup reload every first of the month at midnight. Move the time to 00:05:00, and I bet it works.

It may well be however PLEG is now unsupported so any problems that may be due to the PLEG engine won’t be fixed.
I’ve been a PLEG user since RTS first published and have only recently changed over to Reactor. Without PLEG Vera would never had gotten to the acceptance stage that it did.

If you want to fiddle around to get a solution - fine, if you want a solution without findling then ask how to do it with Reactor.

At this point there is nothing wrong with PLEG. Works as well as ever.

It won’t likely make the leap to Elzo firmware, but many plug-ins will not.

So if someone wants help with PLEG, and instead of help they get misinformation, then I am going to push back.

Is this the @wilme2 who’s nature was to be helpfull and dit not work for Vera? What happened with your attitude? :crazy_face:


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