Is Z-wave the solution for me?

Newbie here, only discovered Z-wave technology and Mi Casa Verde this morning as I was surfing for solutions.

I moved back home recently to live with my elderly mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. For the first time this week, she went outside late at night, after we had gone to bed, and wound up at a neighbors house. In searching for alarm solutions I eventually came across Z-wave and Mi Casa Verde.

What I was initially looking for were simple wireless units I could attach to the front and back doors that would send a signal to unit in my bedroom (didn’t want the alarm to go off at the door). Now that I’ve found Z-wave, it has opened up, what I think, are even more possibilities for me to monitor Mom even when I’m not at home (vid on doors and inside the house, etc).

Is anyone on here using Mi Casa Verde for type of monitoring?


There is no doubt you can do this with a Vera and some sensors, albeit, z-wave, camera or an integrated alarm system such as the DSC power series and an EVL3. It really depends on what level of reporting and monitoring you require/desire. Combine any of the above with a mobile app (iPhone or Android) and you will be able to get good visualisation of your home.

Thanks Brientim, I do a little more reading and probably have more questions later.

The forum is full of information and using google can help. In google you use this is the search criteria (change topic)

Site: topic

There is a number of threads comparing z-wave sensor and integration of alarm system and utilising the alarm sensors.

There are also threads on cameras and common brand is foscam but the F19821W people are having a few issues.

Good luck and if you have questions on a topic, it is best to ask within the topic or with the parent threads.