Is "Vera" dead?

So I got an alert saying the “Vera” app had an update. After reading what was actually being updated it was pretty much only Ezlo stuff, same as the past 5 updates. I’m also seeing a trend on these message boards.

So should I start looking for a new product that’s going to be supported by the manufacturer? Ever since this acquisition my controller has been on the fritz multiple times & my app doesn’t work right anymore. I’m on a 2 week vacation right now and once again can’t connect to my controller using the app.

If they bought “Vera” and have no intention on improving things just say so already! Personally I’m pretty pissed at the owner(s) & management for doing such a piss poor job this far. I’m even more upset because I bought 2 new controllers right before the acquisition and the way things are looking it was wasted money!

See here some very recent talk:

I would say vera products are in hospice while EzLo is gestating.
Some number of vera devices will be able to migrate to ezlo firmware.
How long until ezlo firmware provides a comparable experience to vera firmware is very TBD.

I will add that ezlo did get the vera firmware more stable, so thats something.

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I am still using my Vera Lite. It still works OK, but no updates for me! I understand that, and have been tempted to upgrade, but still waiting to see how things shakeout. I feel that the focus now is using wifi through Alexa or Google Home. I don’t like that idea as if internet goes down, local control is not there. I am not certain that the new Ezlo Atom offers offline functionality. So here I wait…

Yes the Vera mobile app can connect locally to the Ezlo Atom / Ezlo Plus hubs.

Main focus of the Ezlo hubs is still Z-Wave and now more Zigbee device support being added.

For devices that are not natively supported by the Ezlo hub, perhaps some WiFi devices like Tuya / eWeLink etc we now have Ezlo VOI.

Basically any device that Google Home and Alexa can control we can now create Vera scenes that send text commands to the voice assistant to control that device.

The underlying Linux firmware has been rewritten its still based on OpenWRT however, as have all the APIs for plugins (not so good) and the HTTP API etc.

The Z-Wave and Zigbee stacks have been rewritten also.

Front end we currently have no Web based GUI for the Ezlo hubs yet (should of been done first).

And seems they haven’t decided to build a brand new mobile app from the ground up, but they are developing on top of the existing Vera mobile app and tacking on a new Nativescript dashboard which doesn’t work currently.

So good and bad points.

Still early days for the Ezlo platform, still no proper logic engine like PLEG or Reactor, they have made some slight improvements to scenes and logic operators AND OR etc.

Vera Lite long time since I had one of those but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it just yet.

Is it possible to do this with vera running latest firmware?

No it is not. Ezlo VOI is only available on hubs running the newer Ezlo firmware.

Hi everyone. I don’t have the full picture over this but I want to remind you that part of Vera not dying is for us to make them work on the new Ezlo firmware, and the team has started with the Vera Edge but it’s still not ready for GA. Meanwhile, Vera firmware will get mostly security and stability patches. If you have more questions on this topic please tag any of our PDM’s/PM , ioana and mehmet.

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