Is Vera 3 compatible with Yale nexTouch

Trying to pair the Yale nexTouch - Keypad Access Cylindrical Lock with a Vera 3 controller. I am not finding this lock listed as a Door Lock option when adding the new device. Are these two pieces of hardware compatible?


Thank you for contacting Tech Support!

You can add Z-wave devices that are not listed as Generic devices. Most non-integrated devices can be paired to the controllers and work fine. However, we can not guarantee the good functioning of the device. Some devices may display errors or not have all the features available. Let us know what is the model number of your Yale nexTouch - Keypad Access Cylindrical Lock in order to validate.

To add Generic Z-wave devices you can follow this guide, however, keep in mind that Vera3 and Vera Lite units are our legacy products that have become deprecated from the market, and technical support has ended since January 01st, 2020:

  • Bring the device within 3 feet of the controller, to do that If you have a Wi-fi hotspot in the house you can connect the controller closer to your device, from Vera App Go to Settings-> Network-> Wi-Fi-> and select the wi-fi hotspot and then disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Vera.
  • Go to the VeraMobile app and log in to your account.
  • Connect to your Controller.
  • Tab on the Menu icon at the top left of the screen.
  • Tab on the button “Add Device.” Instead of this bottom, you may also find a Plus icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Select “Generic Z-Wave device”
  • Look for instructions in the device’s manual to set the device into inclusion mode and perform those steps within the minute given by the controller.
  • Once both, the controller and the device, are in inclusion mode, they will detect each other and the device will start pairing.
  • Finally, choose a name and a room for the devices.
  • If the device does not get detected, it is possible the device is already paired to another network. You may want to try the unpairing process. Tab on “Retry.”
  • The controller will be in exclusion mode indefinitely, look for instructions in the device’s manual to set the device into exclusion mode and perform those steps.

I hope your question has been answered, otherwise, feel free to contact us again.