Is this YOUR VistaCam?

I’ve been having problems with my old VistaCam setup and have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. My VistaCam is currently in my living room and I can successfully connect to it directly. My issue is that the plug-in isn’t working properly. I’ve downloaded the latest version of the UI5 plug-in and still nothing. It usually shows the broken page icon when I look at this view.

So this morning I rebooted Vera, hit “View” on the GUI, and received quite a surprise. This isn’t my VistaCam. This isn’t anywhere nearby since I’m in my cabin in the woods. It’s not even in my timezone. It appears to be a view out someone’s second floor window through a screen looking at their front yard.

How did I get someone else’s VistaCam feed on my connection? I think security is broken big time if I can tap into someone’s feed.


That’s disturbing to say the least!

Oh, this one is priceless!

Given the amount of Vera’s shipped and the small user base here on the forum I think the odds are that the owner of the camera isn’t going to see this post. I’d contact MCV about this ASAP.

Yikes… that is a little concerning. Going to be watching my vistacam pt now, waiting for it to start following me…

if anyone has access to my cameras, I apologize for the mess; we are working on it.

Ah, that’s where my feed went! I’ve been looking all over for it. Thanks for finding it for me :slight_smile:

just kidding :slight_smile:

Did you own this controller as new or was owned by someone else

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