Is this possible??

Hi guys…long time lurker but first time posting. I’m about to start construction on my house and wanted to know if the following is possible. I searched…here and on google but wasn’t able to get a structure awnser to what I need / would like… I wanted to use one 3-way Z wave switch to control a foyer light and an led strip that surounds the crown moulding individually. Say from that one Z wave switch turn ON the foyer light but not the led strip, press again and turn ON the led strip so both are ON. toggle between either all OFF all ON or one ON one OFF. And use the slave on the master so I can operate the switch from there. Is this even possible?

Not really… To control two loads(lights) the switches would need two relays.

You could control both loads with a Leviton VRCS2-MRZ 2-Button Scene Controller with Switches and then with a Leviton VRCS1-1LZ 1-Button Scene Controller/Virtual Switch Remote for the remote switch and a complex bit of programming to detect single and multiple presses to get the effect you described. But, the behavior of the remote switch will not be “natural” or intuitive and I would not recommend it.

What I would recommend, since this is pending new construction, is that you wire up each circuit, the foyer and the LED strip, as separately switched 3-way circuits. Then if you want to get cute with their behavior, you can program it with automation.

If you read through this forum you will see over and over again that, the recommendation is to wire everything(!) whenever possible. Wire every imaginable switch, door and window sensor, speaker, control panel, ethernet connections… Wires everywhere! You will miss or forget some spots. That’s where/when you use wireless stuff like Z-Wave switches and sensors. But, new construction should have enough wires to give your electrician a VERY happy Christmas.

Thank you! That’s a $$$ option and the programming would be a PITA lol. The first option was to just add another single gang switch for the led strip but it would clutter the space more. But something I’m def willing to live with.
Thank you.