Is this possible with VERA?

I have six device installed so far and have them controlled with a GE advance remote as secondary controller, so far so good. I am trying to set up my first scene using two lights. Here’s what I would like to happen.
If it is a weekday between 8:30 and 11:00PM and light #1 is on.
When Light #2 is turned on from the remote then after a 3 minute delay light #1 turns off.
I think after I get this first scene working I can build others. I just seem to have a hard time wrapping my brain around it for the first time.

The answer to your question is: Yes. It is certainly possible. There are two aproaches:

To achieve this using Vera scenes, you will need to add some Lua code to handle your conditions (If it is a weekday between 8:30 and 11:00PM and light #1 is on). This is explained with examples in Conditional Scene Execution.

The other way, which I really do recommend, is to install and learn how to use the Program logic Event Generator (PLEG) plugin. There is an introduction at PLEG Basics.

Thanks for the reply Rex,
I guess I will have to breakdown and learn luup and PLEG. I suppose I have bitten off a bigger bite than I wanted. There are some really smart folks on theses boards and I thank you for all your hard work. I suppose for those of you that know how to , or have learned how to code with luup this seems so simple and straightforward. I had hoped entering into this that the programming interface would be more intuitive. I had 5 years ago built a nice x-10 system but the reliability was lacking (failed spouse test) so I gave it up and boxed it all up.
Anyway enough whining. Should I focus on luup or PLEG first? Which will give me the better start?
Thanks again,

PLEG, its pretty user friendly and easy to use. It has a lot of abilities I haven’t used yet but gettings some of your most basic stuff done it’s really easy to get up and running.

@andy2205 - PLEG negates the need to learn LUUP or any real programming. It is not entirely simple, but it will get your desire scene working this evening as it is much more pointy-clicky than learning LUA/LUUP.

Learning LUA and the Vera LUPP subset is certainly beneficial, but it is a steeper learning curve than PLEG. @RexBeckett dod link to his excellent tutorials with examples, so you might be able to get your desired scene up and running this way this evening.