Is this possible (Conditional)

I have a scene to turn on the lights when my alarm (Vista 20p) is disarmed and it works like a charm. But I don’t want the lights to turn on anytime before 7pm.

How can I achieve this?

Add this code in that scene:

local t = ("*t")
if (t.hour <= 19) then
    return false

return true

The scene won’t run if the code returns false, which in this case it happens only if the hour is less than 19. But I think that this code would be more appropriate for what you want:

return luup.is_night()

In this case the scene would run only at night.

Awesome. Where can I find useful code snippets like this?

Also, what time does luup.is_night() define as “night?”

Sunset through sunrise.

Here and here. Also, there are many useful scripts on the forum, especially in this section.