Is there hope for SQ blaster yet

I have 4 sq blasters I use with my automation setup and was very happy with them when sq design was working but that all changed with there demise.
Not sure if anybody managed to get design working without boxinet ?
Anyway I found an remote control app ( phomote ) that works with Android and the sq blaster and Insteon/ISY home automation controller etc (look at the link) I was excited and paid $20 for it without doing research.
I won?t can it yet but it seems a bit lacking have emailed them with questions but alas no response.
My thoughts are that if app?s like authomation, imperihome and the likes could also utilize the sq blaster the world for sq blaster owners would be a very happy place

Just my thoughts


Time to move on. SQ is done for good. I had 2 of them myself that live in my junk box now. Look into On Controls. Much better system anyway.

I’ve been very happy with my Global Cache WF2IR iTach Wi-Fi to IR.
It never fails or locks up, unlike my SQBlaster.

Mine is controlled via my home automation controller, and activated by apps, voice, control, etc.

Can anyone tell me where can I download the sq remote lite for iOS ? On iTunes isn’t anymore. I have buyght for 4 Years the SQ Blaster Plus, now I will start use it.