Is there anything else happening with the MiOS app?


I haven’t heard from the MiOS app for a long time. The last version from the App Tester has expired and there hasn’t been a new version for ages. Has this app been scrapped or is it still being worked on in the background?

Small correction: the last version is from 2022/10/03. It was probably updated in the background without me noticing.

The last Vera App is from 2021/10/12. Will both apps still be used in parallel and how long will this be the case?

It would be great if someone could comment again on what the plans of the apps are and where the journey is going. In addition, app updates and changelogs could also be reported in the corresponding category.

Hi @Odysee ,
Thanks for your attention. We are improving all our components even if they don’t come upfront immediately, as you already know.
You can download and use the MiOS app (production release, from the App store directly) even though the Beta has expired. So please download and tell us if you have any feedback.

We are upgrading our Ezlo hubs firmware and our cloud platform frequently and MiOS app will be the only app we will provide all our capabilities and future updates on.
Right now we are working on getting the MiOS app have the same functionality as Vera has and adding couple of big changes allowing multiple controllers to be connected at the same time so you wouldn’t have to select a controller anymore. Thats why we were silent for some time.
You will hear an update soon about that. And we will make sure all release notes will be post to our community .
So please stay tuned.

Looking forward to that !

The current Android Vera mobile app is currently quite bad for me.

For example if you open it and then connect to a controller (Ezlo Plus) and then if on your phone you switch to another different app and then switch back to the Vera app you have to then select once again which controller you want to connect to, which is super annoying why it just doesn’t remember the last controller I was connected to.

Also most of the time when going into the device area of the Vera mobile app there are no devices shown, I have to swipe my finger down from the top to refresh it a few times and then all my devices eventually appear.

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Slightly related, the only thing I seem to miss now in the MiOS app is the ability to configure which devices get armed when home mode gets changed. Is that something you’ll be adding?

Hi @cfeval, I replied you in the other thread