Is there an SSH solution for "Luup engine is taking longer to reload" error with a VeraPlus?

Having used the Vera 3 Recovery Tool to “successfully” recover my VeraPlus, all the LEDs are lit, and when I open the URL in Firefox I get the familiar Customer Care page with an error message at the top: " Luup engine is taking longer to reload".

I have found threads here where others have used SSH to regain full use of a Vera Edge and Lite, so I wonder if a similar solution exists for the VeraPlus.

Note: pressing the recessed Reset button 3 times or 6 times within 6 seconds does nothing. I wonder if that and the fact that all LEDs are lit indicates a less than successful recovery.


We would highly recommend you to submit a ticket to, so we can take a closer look, usually this is related to any problem with the controller Firmware or space.

Any ssh commands for a Vera Edge should also work on a Vera Plus.

Do you have any links to the threads you saw ?