Is there a new UI4 beta release

I keep hearing about UI4 release 1.1.1086.

What is it’s status?

Is 1.1.1047 now NOT the current UI4 release.

1047 is the current stable release (quiet down in the peanut gallery, lol) there are a group who are knowingly testing more recent betas which DO have issues which can cause unpredictable problems with ones system, so to cut down support calls and customer frustration these versions are not widely released

So, the bottom line is “stay tuned till we have a widely supportable release?”

correct, I have heard whispers of “soon” but have no personal knowlege of when the next release will be ready. MCV?

I’ll own up to the 1086 initial mention but cant comment on any rumours of it being released.
1047 is still the official release.


The last time they released any statement in their Company Blog was August 11 ! What a shame.

I’ll second that. It really is a shame we haven’t had an official announcement since mid August. I was really hopeful when they started the blog, thinking that we would start getting regular updates, but that really hasn’t panned out. Even if they came out just to tell us what they are working on, that would go a long way. At the rate of development, I don’t know if we will ever see an update.

Agreed, it is very annoying and makes it pointless to have the section there! However, I can confirm that there is development still going on, but a couple of people had some serious problems that have been difficult for them to investigate and slowed things down. The development is mostly only bug fixes anyway so its nothing to get excited about!