Is there a CO Detector that works with Vera?

Hi Everyone, I just want to know if there is a CO detector that has been tested and is working with the Vera system. I have seen the First Alert combination Fire/CO detector, however it seems as though only the Fire detection component works. It seems odd to me that there are no workable z wave CO detectors that integrate with the Vera controllers.

It’s wifi rather than z-wave, but the Nest smoke detector has a CO sensor which is picked up as a separate device via the plugin, and works just fine, if that helps?

Another option is a normal CO detector with a relay and zwave window module that allow’s contact.

I then set it up to send me a text message when it’s tripped. Same for my whole house smoke alarms too. It works well everytime I test it, but I can’t say it is used too often :slight_smile: