Is the Login Server Down?

I try to log in and get “Checking Credentials” and nothing more…

Is it me? or is the server down?


Same here

I finally got logged in but it took like 15 minutes…

But once in everything is fast and fine.

mine is still down!

Finally got in took 25 30 minutes, then went to look at Alerts booted out back to Home vera Load controlers!

15:00 Uk time managed to get connect, when I go to alerts get the following “Failed to retrieve events list. Please try again later.”

Same problem

Mine was out earlier but worked fine a minute ago.

According to their facebook page, they were doing maintenance to the servers this morning. Should be done now.

According to my current observation there are still issues. I can login sometimes, takes longer than usual, and then I get kicked out. (I am deleting my alerts from their servers currently).

When I refresh browser I am indeed logged out and then I can’t easily login. It works but it’s unreliable.

I can get in as normal and I don’t get kicked out looking at alerts.

I can as wel, but after 5-10 mins kicked out.

Web interface is fine. From Android app, I can log in, but it does not connect to the controller.