Is the DLNA plug-in for Vera supported yet?


Is the DLNA plug-in for Vera supported as a device yet in Authomation HD? I’ve just checked on my tablet and the device has a big question mark on it, so I am assuming not.

The Logitech Squeezebox plug-in for Vera, seems to be supported in Authomation HD app as that one works OK on my tablet.

I was in the process of writing a blog post article about the DLNA plug-in for Vera and wanted to mention the Authomation HD app.


EDIT:- Article can be seen here, see summary at the end for Authomation HD reference.

The beta version should have basic support for it. Unfortunately development on the app is on hold.

  • Garrett

Hi Garrett

I am assuming this is the correct link here Version:

I will give it a try!

On hold but not dead?

Many Thanks

I see your post here about it


I’ve installed the last beta version on a spare Android tablet. The DLNA devices now in Authomation HD work really well!

As described in my blog post I have integrated the Vera DLNA plug-in with my Kodi / XBMC Media Center PCs.

Now in Authomation HD using the DLNA devices I can control the Kodi media playback with the transport controls and the DLNA devices in the app even show album covers when I am playing a music album in Kodi and also metadata information.

I then tried to play a movie but it did not show the movie cover just a Kodi logo and no metadata e.g. the name of the currently playing movie. This could be a problem with the DLNA plug-in in Vera itself though, as when in the Vera web UI it only seems to display information for music playing and not when videos are playing.

However it’s very good indeed. I’ll update my blog article with some screen shots of the DLNA devices in Authomation HD working.

It will be a real shame to see development of your app stop as it’s simply the best one out there! Especially for 3rd party Vera plug-in support…

Regarding the Authomation HD beta app the EnviR Energy Monitor (CurrentCost) plug-in devices no longer show Wattage usage figures. They just have a question mark on them. This works OK on the last version that was available in the Google Play app store.

And I much prefer the old icons rather than the new ones, couldn’t see anything in the options to change them.

Thanks again for the time and effort you put into the app in the past.


I’ve updated the blog article now at the end of it and added some screen shots of the automation HD beta and the DLNA device, whilst playing music, live tv and a movie title.

There is definitely something wrong with the Vera DLNA plug-in and it not showing any metadata for any videos that are played in Kodi. Will have to investigate this further.


It seems that the DLNA plug-in for Vera does not auto update itself, I was still using version 1.0. I have just updated to the latest version 1.3 from the MiOS marketplace. But the VIDEO playback movies / tv shows still doesn’t seem to display any metadata properly? So I have asked the question on the DLNA plug-in thread here.

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