Is Reactor backup option working on openLuup with Version: 3.5hotfix-20049?

Hello Group!

I’m running openLuup / ALTUI on a RPi3 (no Vera). I noticed today that the “Back Up Now” button in the Master Reactor Plugin no longer creates a backup file for downloading. Does it seem to be working normally for you folks?

*************************************************** REACTOR LOGIC SUMMARY REPORT ***************************************************
   Version: 3.5hotfix-20049 config 20017 cdata 20045 ui 20045 pluginDevice 98 LuaXP 1.0.1
    System: openLuup version 191227 on Linux openLuup 4.1.18-v7+ #846 SMP Thu Feb 25 14:22:53 GMT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux; loadtime 1469238424; systemReady 1583669706; ALTUI v2.47; Lua 5.1; JSON dkjson 2.5; UnsafeLua=nil
Local time: 2020-03-08T10:40:28-0400; DST=1; Pasadena, Maryland USA; formats %m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S%p
House mode: plugin 1; system 1; tracking off
  Sun data: {}
  Geofence: not running

It used to create a backup file that I could right-click to download locally. Now it just sits.


FYI and posterity:
Updated to Reactor 3.5 hotfix 20070 and the backup option is working as expected.

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Ditto. :+1:

Where can I found the hotfix? I try More → plugin > Update but it doesn’t work.

I am not (yet) familiar with openluup and Altui. You may also be able to tell me how to install it

Instructions and details are on the Hotfix thread: Reactor 3.5 Hotfixes - Reactor - Ezlo Community

Thanks again! It works