Is MCV Technical Support on Vacation?

I have never been a very patient person, but MCV technical support has really pushed me to the limit. In the past five weeks I have submitted four trouble tickets. Trouble tickets are numbered sequentially so it is pretty easy to figure out how many tickets have been submitted if you submit more than one ticket. Based on my calculation, MCV technical support received 176 trouble tickets in the past five weeks (9/13 to 10/20). This translates to five tickets a day. Seems like a manageable number.

Of the four tickets I submitted in that period, one was resolved by MCV technical support in two days – which I consider marginally acceptable. After waiting four or five days for technical support to contact me, I researched one issue on the forum and “fixed the problem” by downgrading firmware, restoring Vera to factory default and rebuilding my Z wave network. The other two tickets are for the same issue (connection issue with remote service) which MCV technical support hasn’t fixed (first report was three days ago).

Shouldn’t technical support give priority to trouble tickets? The “It Just Works” guarantee says they have four weeks to fix a problem. If your Vera is “broken” (frozen, unreachable by remote access, etc), are you willing to wait up to four weeks for technical support to fix the problem?

Fix the problems and then work on enhancements and new features. If the basis platform/system isn’t reliable and doesn’t function properly, what good are new features?

I feel your pain Bro, I’m impatient too and get restless waiting for responses, so far I am finding that I will get a response in a week, sometimes 2, the good news is that MCV has been helpful and is correcting things, for a small outfit I love what they’ve accomplished and they seem commited to improvements, on the downside the product is a little (cough, cough) rough around the edges, for me it’s too late, I’m addicted to the fun and functionality of what Vera can do (at a pretty nice price point) so I’d rather root for them then chew em up and spit em out, it’s not always as fast as I’d like (never could be as yesterday is when I like things) but there seems to be progress, I’ll be hangin in there as long as thats true

Im with you too. I get mad at MCV when I wake up in the morning. Even though nothing has gone wrong yet. But I get mad because I know if something has then I am up S*#t creek without a paddle. So I leer at Vera as I walk up to it and turn on the computer. If it work…I am a happy monkey…but if it doesn’t. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I must also agree with the lack of attention to MV’s current customers. My Vera has been down for 3 weeks now with a very strange problem. After 2 tickets, 4 emails and 1 non-returned phone call I’m no closer to resolving the problem. All I’m asking is for a quick call back or for them to connect to my Vera and restore or adjust some files. I sure hope they either hire more people before new potential customers get turned off by hearing that there is no support for the product. I sure hope not since this is a good product and has such great potential.


Got e-mail from MCV technical support yesterday (Sunday!). Following their instructions, it tooks me about two minutes to resolve the problem and reconnect with remote access.

Things are looking better!

Hi everyone,

We are sorry for some late responses to your emails, tickets and forum posts. There is a lot to do and we’re struggling to do our best. Hope in the future won’t be more complains regarding the support at MiCasaVerde.

Have a nice day!

We just hired a new person to do nothing but respond to trouble tickets and the forum. Previously developers were assigned to do it, but we’d get way behind when we were busy working on high priority fixes like the dongle freezing.