Is it time to update to UI7?

Hiya all-

I’ve still got UI5 on my Vera3. It feels like lately I’m getting more and more random reboots. Are most of the UI5 people moving up now? I see that Mr. Schaefer has stopped any more development of his program logic and alert plugins for 5. Are those stable in 7 yet? Is anything stable in 7 yet?

In addition to the extra bonus reboots, I have some strangeness going on in the Sonos plugin…and I’m just wondering if step one is to get moved up to 7.

What do y’all recommend?

PS: I now see that the Vera Plus is available on Amazon. Would I be better off to get that and migrate to 7 and the VeraPlus at the same time?

I would wait for the next firmware (7.14 or up). That, according to MCV is again around the corner, give that a month or 2 and then decide.

I think else you will regret… I whish I still was on UI5.

I’m still on ui5. Don’t see a pressing reason to upgrade.

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[quote=“Sender, post:2, topic:192505”]I would wait for the next firmware (7.14 or up). That, according to MCV is again around the corner, give that a month or 2 and then decide.

I think else you will regret… I whish I still was on UI5.[/quote]

Me too, ui7 is clumsy, but if you want new devices…that is the way. Sigh.

I’m holding off, IMO PLEG functions well with UI5, it’s only if you need to use new ZW+ devices or feel a need for RTS new UI would I consider upgrading.

I would like to thank the OP and the responders. I have exactly the same question since my vera lite will no longer go into the mode required to add new devices. So, I am stuck until I feel it is safe to begin UI7 migration. I have a vera edge in the box waiting to go. I have thought about seeing if I could setup the edge on ui7 and somehow connect the veralite to the system under UI5 and possibly add new devices via the edge. But thanks to this post, I believe I will be waiting a while longer to start the ui7 process.

Try isolating your vera so NO DLNA or UPNP devices are visible to vera. That will most probably solve your issue.

Thank you so much for your response. And I thought I was pretty tech savvy, but i honestly don’t know where to begin or even understand those terms. But i am desperate and would try anything. If you could just get me started or point to something i can read and research, I am willing to do the work. Are you suggesting deleting something or removing some code. I wasn’t able to identify what I might have done to break it. It is a vera lite, ui5, mostly running an ademco alarm system, some motions, thermostats, door switches, stuff like that. maybe 30 - 50 devices total. Again, thanks for any further direction

Try to move your vera away from your home LAN ethernet network and place it somewhere, where it cannot reach e.g. a network amplifier, dlna media server (plex, nas, etc.). Or a upnp router.
So place vera in a separate subnet/broadcast domain. It must NOT be able to communicate with dlna or upnp devices.

Please use google to look up the terms.

If you have a spare wifi router, put the vera on that but NOT connected to your home LAN. Then hook your computer into that isolated little network so you can connect to the vera. See if after a reboot it will go into device inclusion mode. If so, you have a device on your LAN that does UPNP or DLNA (maybe a TiVo, hopper, roku, ps3/ps4, Xbox, etc) that was confusing the vera.

Blocking the upnp/DLNA will require either a special setting in your router or adding in an extra router to block the upnp/DLNA requests.

Thanks to both of you, I will do some research and get to work implementing your ideas.

I appreciate the help. I feel dead not being able to add anything to the network.