Is it possible to trigger on Disarm ?

ELK M1 via XEP interface with PLEG.

DISARM does not produce a trigger seen by PLEG.

Any hints or suggestions?

Running UI5


Haven’t looked to deeply but not at this stage. It is probably not hard to add but family matters are taking my time currently.


I dont use PLEG (yet!) but I can trigger events in Vera based on arm or disarm of my Elk.

So it is just a PLEG issue and you are fine otherwise in vera?


Sorry! I take that back. My Vera status does not update to disarm when I disarm my Elk. So I have the same issue as you. I am disarming through a wireless keyfob but I dont think that matters.


In both instances I will need to look at the logs to narrow down the issue.


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