Is it possible to export a list of events (locks/unlocks) and users?

I am considering buying a Vera device for a small office.

On my requirements I have the following:

  • Have a cheap way to associate a arm/disarm to a real person (e.g. a cheap keyfob and/or a unique PIN). The key itself doesn’t need to be special, it just needs to arm/disarm the alarm
  • Be able to list and export the lock/unlock events, so I know: the event; who performed it and when

One of the overall goals is to be able to provide office keys to a more broad number of people, and rely on this log of events to be able to maintain security/accountability.

I was told (and read) about some 3rd party apps that could do this, but some of the information is somewhat old (e.g.


  1. Is this possible to achieve with a Vera unit?
  2. If so, can you share an example of how the data will be viewed/exported?
  3. If not, do you have any suggestion of other models sold in Europe that would achieve this goal?


Since this forum is related to VeraAlerts (which I’m not sure is the correct place to ask), I am moving the thread to

You can easily name devices to indicate something like a key owner name.

And you could use a plugin like dateMine or DataYours to store and graphically display changes to the key and lock statuses. Both plugins have user guides etc on the board,43.0.html

I don’t think any solution with a Vera would be good enough for proper auditable monitoring - events can get lost etc. But for a small office it may be good enough.