Is it possible to create new users with no email address?

As part of my experimenting with Vera Alerts I would like to create new users on my Vera which are spurious. The problem is that I need to enter an email address. I could pull one out of my hat but nothing is to say that said email address isn’t already in use or will not be in the future. Is it possible?

Just use MCV addresses since they will just ignore them anyway :slight_smile:

That is actually a good idea! I’m going to do this. Maybe it will motivate them to fix their abjectly broken user management interface.

In order to create a new username, an e-mail account is mandatory. This is required in order to recover your password in case you forget it and later on can be used to receive notifications.

Who hoo, somebody from MCV posts! :slight_smile:

I believe they were on their couple week break for the holidays.

  • Garrett

There have been a number on the forum for a while.
MCVFlorin stated posting a few days ago see

They have also made a few posts over the holidays on Facebook.

A few posts and touting the work of others (nest plugin etc) on Facebook is pretty poor considering the size of the user base now!

Even discounting a couple of week period over the Holiday period, response here is at an all time low!

Explain my last comment. There have been a number of other MCV browsing the forum recently but it wasn’t until MCVflorin posted that there were anything at all.

Yes, they are pushing other apps but no comments from MCV as yet on supporting developers awards which is disappointing to say the least.

It was same last year whilst CES was on and a few weeks after as well. They should manage this a lot better.

Attending CES is still a poor excuse in opinion since both @guessed and I both also attended and managed to post multiple times helping people!

Yeah, about that. I don’t care at all about any of those reasons. I just need a bunch of users because a revolutionary tool (by MCV standards) developed by a community member needs them. Needs them in part because MCV won’t answer the call to allow the community dev’s more access to the workings of Vera. Also because MCV makes jazzy new garbage UI’s as opposed to adding functionality which is pretty standard in HA systems. Such as TTS and the ability to play audio. So for now I’ll just create users with the email address of “” and “”. For anyone interested in the original point of this thread these BS email addresses work just fine. I have used plenty of them.

The interface for creating users is so poor (and I mean poor in the spirit, not poor in a monetary sense) that once a user account is created or creation has been attempted all of the variables are forever locked. So if I try to create a user named “garbage ui” with an email address of “” and then delete it I can’t create a user with the same email address or name later on. EVEN if the user has been deleted months ago. Oops. Even though said user is not listed it still exists? Well I don’t really care. I’m mostly upset about the day/night theme being taken from my UI! Functionality be damned! Give me more animations! Can’t I get something chrome? Maybe something that blinks? I don’t want my Christmas lights to blink mind. Just the UI. I’ll buy a separate piece of hardware to make my Christmas lights blink because Vera has a hard time with that kind of thing.

but, but, @S-F, they’ve just released new/faster hardware

Now we’ll be able to find the bugs, stability and usability issues, in milliseconds instead of seconds. 8)

[quote=“guessed, post:12, topic:173844”]but, but, @S-F, they’ve just released new/faster hardware

Now we’ll be able to find the bugs, stability and usability issues, in milliseconds instead of seconds. 8)[/quote]

What can one ever say to follow up on that???