Is it going to conflict if I had 2 Vera's on my network?

I have a V3 that runs all of my everyday stuff on UI5. There are a few items that I’d like to control through vera that’s not very important but does require Ui7 which I plan on using my old Vera Lite for. Planning to keep them both running at the same time but never need them to talk to each other. Technically, the Vera Lite Ui7 doesn’t even need Z wave to run I’m using it mainly to control the Magic Home Wifi.

THere is no conflict between Z-Wave networks, I have the following running:
Home Seer

The devices are Included into whichever Network you decide on.

Forgot about the Almond+

Seconded. My main setup currently is 2 Vera 3’s each with their own mesh. Interconnected via http calls.
My QA/test setup (which is to replace the above setup) is a Vera Plus and a Vera Edge. Also interconnected via http calls.

So that’s 4 meshes and I’m not having any issues.