Is buying a VeraLite for India a bad idea?


I’m thinking of buying a VeraLite and a Yale Z-Wave door lock from the USA and having them imported to India. I have two questions:

  1. Given that both are on the same frequency, will they work in India? Is there any chance the frequency is restricted or assigned for private use here? Can I check that at all?

  2. What’s the approximate chance of something going wrong on the hardware side of things that I won’t be able to fix myself? I’ve bought plenty of products from the USA over the years and most have never given me any trouble, so I’ve not missed the lack of official support. Are the VeraLite and Yale lock also expected to work in a similarly trouble-free manner for the next several years?


India is on its own frequency (see: ). Equipment on US or Euro frequencies will work but you’ll probably be violating local regulations if you use them.

There are already a few companies in India selling Z-wave equipment ( or ), you might want to check with them first and see if they cover your needs. When it comes to more specific types of equipment such as thermostats or locks, I find that choice and availability varies a lot from region to region.