IRIA 3210-L Z-Wave and Zigbee

Hello, I have sucessfully paired my Iris 3210-L as a Zigbee On/Off switch (using the Centralie device profile). I am now trying to pair it as a Z-Wave repeater as well but am running up against a wall. In order to put the device into pairing mode without resetting it, I need to press the button 3 times fast and then hold for a second. The blue indicator light on the device then begins to flash. I then try to add a Generic Zwave device from Vera. Unfortunately, this is where everything falls apart. Vera doesn’t seem to see the device and I’m not sure how else to add it. I do have the device right beside the Vera hub so range shouldn’t be an issue.

Any advice from anyone who has been successful in adding this device as both Zwave and Zibgee?


I would just like to bump this. Hopefully someone can help.