IR Sensor

Is here any beta on the IR sensor?

I have already checked in a beta-example of ir-device. Very simple. But I’m working on a new vera device that show last received ir-code in device gui and have a few buttons (10?) that can be programmed on the Arduino side. This requires a new device-type.

What are you using for IR hardware?

Thing I like your current “sensor”. Im going to use it to turn on some remote controlled battery candles. Very nice to have them as binary light device in vera. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the dumb question, but where can I find the IR Remote beta you mentioned above?

I’ve been working with the IR library from Ken Shirriff and would like to help test if possible?

The (very basic) example which currently controls volume of my tv-speakers can be found here:

It will send picked up ir-codes back to vera so you should be able to start scenes etc using any remote (by watching VAR_1 using PLEG)

You’ll also need an ir sender/receiver module like this:

@Hek Can you please note that IR library has one slight issue that may effect the reliability of the NEC transmitter:

Error in IRremoteInt.h for the NEC transmit:
Change NEC_ONE_SPACE definition to equal 1690

Plus yet another sketch that may interest IR remote users - control via HTTP:,23644.0.html


I’ll update the library accordingly. I wonder why the change hasn’t been incorporated earlier… 7 months since last update.

Yes - it’s been awhile but my own checks indicate 1690 is correct - looks just like a keyboard slip.