IR reset (start from zero in a IR sequence) command ?

i’m thinking of getting a iTach device for my Airconditioners and the AV in the living room.

i have a Samsung TV … and it has only a HDMI and a Source Button on the remote.
butthe selection not starts at the same position. it flips to the next sorce from where you actually are

mean if you on AV1 and press the source button once you get to HDMI1
press it again HDMI2 … so there is no knowing what the IR Code will result in.

since i not have a button on the remote to trigger a certain input … this makes the whole experience much less attractive.

does anyone did face the same issue ? and was able to fix that ?
or maybe there are secret IR codes out there to do trigger directly a input ?

Have you looked at Remote Central?

If the TV is one smart connected ones, then I would look at the plugin in the app store to perhaps do this instead.

Air con IR and AV IR are worlds apart.

You would require an,intelligent device capable of transmitting AV IR Protocols (NEC, RC5, etc) and at the same time transmit long form IR to the aircon.

I’m not familiar with a consumer brand capable of this. ECS solutions are however. And depending on your Skillsets you could easily build one (google ken sheriff, or pop onto jp1 and send the robman an email). Or purchase one.

Email me if u need more assistance…