IR channel and external emitter cable (sq blaster) does not work

I just bought sq blaster from homeseer (it is the only way to buy it from Canada…from ebay canada it is $100. more)
I bought also their one head external IR emitter (Xantech)
I plugged this cable in IR 1 in blaster
Can someone tell me how come sq remote does not give me the option IR channel Number to select
I can’t make it work
Any feeback would be appreciated
Pierre :o

Once the SQBlaster Plugin connects, it detects whether you have a SQBlaster (Round, wooden) or a SQBlaster+ model (Black, square) and creates an appropriate number of child devices representing each “channel” that the respective hardware has.

eg. SQBlaster == 1 Channel, SQBlaster+ == 5 Channels

See picture here:

The left picture is for a SQBlaster+, and the right is for the original SQBlaster.

I’m assuming that you’re seeing each of these children, and the “parent” (aka Channel 0) is showing “up”. If not, then there’s some sort of connectivity problem (check IP Addresses entered etc)

My problem is solved
It was a network issue