IR Blaster Recommendations - Intrigue INT-200 Fireplace

Has anyone had any experience with Intrigue INT-200 Fireplaces and using an IR controller? The remote supports setting / getting temperature, and turning the fireplace on/off. Perhaps this is not even IR? Any thoughts?

Point the end of the remote in to your phones camera and press some buttons if it’s IR you will see its Led flashing in the camera.

Logitech Harmony hub for IR or maybe a Broadlink RM Mini or Pro for RF also does IR.

Both have Vera plugins.

If the remote looks like this REMOTE. Then the specs in the pdf says it’s RF at 315 MHz. Not sure if the Broadlink make a 315 MHz model. Broadlink also won’t “get” the temperature - but it seems unlikely there is bidirectional communication between the fireplace and the remote. A lot of the remotes store the whole state of the device being controlled and send all info at the same time. A lot of A/Cs certainly do.

I believe the new Broadlink RM Pro 4 does both 433mhz and 315mhz RF.

There is also a version of the RM Pro 4 that just does 433mhz, so be careful when ordering.

No Vera plugin, but look into Switchbot.
There are competitor hubs that have integration.

There is a plugin for broadlink and i think they added the rm4 recently. Check here BroadLink Mark II plugin - #156 by Seeker - General Plugin Discussion - Ezlo Community

Thanks for the recommendations on this one. Think I finally decided that I really had 2 use cases for any type of IR control - gas fireplace on the 1st floor, and heated floor in the master bedroom (2nd floor). However, normally keep the breaker off on the heated floor, as this can draw some good electric… also, the gas fireplace is more aesthetic, even though it does produce a good amount of heat. So figured these can be controller manually as needed. Dont want to overload the Vera too much! lol.