iPod touch browse albums within sq

Hi guys does anyone know if it is possible to be able to browse and play iPod content on the same iPod as you are running sq on???

I have a lovely setup now and have a macro running using iTach to play iPod music through the amp in the living room. I use a class 1 Bluetooth gateway which is awesome but obviously have to exit sq to pick an album and then go back into sq to adjust the volume… Pain in the ass. Would be lovely if you could browse iPod through sq, I imaginethis would be even better on an iPad too!!

In fact, I have just installed a sat nav on my iPhone (Navigon) this has a “peel” iPod interface. There is an iPod looking button that when pressed causes the sat nav to peel away to reveal the iPod, There is then a button to return when you are done which peels the app back.

Can this be done SQ, am I the only person asking for this I wonder, anyone any other ideas of how this can be achieved???


Sounds interesting… please pout a feature request on our forum www.squareconnect.com. Especially if you have links to anotehr app that does something similar.