iPhone Locator frequently returns a wrong result - Feature Request

So for a while iPhone Locator has been causing me issues with returning incorrect results - either one of our iPhones can show up as away when we are home and have been for ages (most frequent issue).

I’ve implemented a workaround using Reactor so the house doesn’t shut down on us, but it would be better if iPhone locator implemented some “error correction”.

What I’ve done in reactor is if the House is in “Home” mode and any device show’s as away, force-refresh both devices 3 times 15 seconds apart. If both devices are still showing away and maintain this for 45 seconds then the house will change to “Away” and shutdown. However, this usually fixes one device showing as away when it isnt.

However it would imo be far better if iPhone locator implemented a “3 ping” solution (make it optional for those of us that need it) and the most common result, eg 2 out of 3 pings result in Home or Away, is accepted as accurate.

This is a similar method to that which is used in systems with multiple redundant sensors, the result is effectively averaged to determine an accurate reading.

Just to add to this, we only ping our phones for the location hourly as I have Reactor logic attached to the garage door opening and closing to refresh our locations after a set time and determine if we have left the house.

eg Force Refresh every 30 seconds for 2-5 mins after garage closes to see if we have left Home and ping 30 seconds after garage opens to see if we have arrived home.