iPhone as IP Camera + Vera?

Hi All -

Trying to repurpose an old iPhone/iPod touch as an IP camera and add it to my VeraLite setup. I have tried a couple apps to little success:

[ul][li]“iPCamera - Nigh-End Network Camera” - barebones app, can get it showing video in the browser but Vera won’t detect it.[/li]
[li]“IP Camera Lite” - more feature-rich than the above, and can plug the IP into Vera’s camera config wizard and the “test” function will show live video, but I can’t find the snapshot URL for this app (if there is one) so that it can be used by Vera[/li][/ul]

So my questions are:

  1. Has anyone use IP Camera Lite successfully with Vera? If so, what’s the URL I need?
  2. Are there better camera apps on iOS that I can use with Vera? I don’t need anything fancy, just basic IP Camera functionality.

Thanks in advance!

Update: Got a reply from the developer of iPCamera - you can use URLs of “/photo” and “/video”. Works like a charm!


Can you provide more information would love to get that to work.

Sure, though there’s not much more to it - and keep in mind all you can do is view the camera through the Vera site/app, I don’t know that you can do things like motion detection…

All I did to add was go to Cameras → Add Camera → Other IP Camera → Next x4 thru wizard → Manually Install.

Once on this screen, either choose your camera’s IP from the list or you can specify it yourself.

The only value you need to specify is the Camera URL, so it would be:


If you hit the test button you should see a snapshot. Save it and you’re good.