IP TV Control

Can vera control IP TV… I have a Panasonic 65VT50 and it can be controlled by IP…

Thank you.

If they’ve published the interface document then yes it could assuming a plugin was written or adapted from an existing one.

IP controll aside, your other option is to find out if the serial protocol is the same as the older V series TV’s (I suspect it is) and use the existing serial plugin (that @guessed wrote) with an IP to serial adapter (this is how I run mine); obviously you would also need the RS232 adapter for the VT50, and I believe it doesn’t come with it as standard!?

I dont think there is a serial port any longer. Im goin to look into the plugin development. Thank you…

Ah Sorry, looks like I got confused with the VT30 where you just need an adapter cable for it (as its no longer has a DB9 connector).

Looks like they took it away completely now then :frowning:

Whatever happened to this? I am able to send SOAP messages to the TV to do things, but Vera doesn’t seem to autodiscover uPnP devices and expose their interfaces. The device shows up in Devices, but no services. I’m a Vera newbie, so I don’t really know how to make it happen. Seems like lots of power with Luup, but the dots aren’t connected very well.