IP setting changes on UI5

I have been trying to stabilize the settings for an IP camera that I had added to my Vera3/UI5. I have successfully installed the camera (Tenvis 3815W that I had laying around). it is set up using XX.XX.XX.XX:81 with a mac address, D_DigitalSecurityCamera2.xml and I_FoscamPTZ.xml. All expected functions work.

The issue that I am having, however, is that periodically (every 24-48 hours, although not every night) the IP address updates itself by removing the port (to XX.XX.XX.XX rather than the correct and verified XX.XX.XX.XX:81). Once I go into the settings and add that port back to the IP address everything works again for the next X hours/days. The same outcome is true whether I change the setting in Settings or Advanced, whether I use the mobile app or not, whether I do *anything else to the configuration of UI5 (other than saving after adding the port of course). It is also true after removing and re-adding the camera.

Does anyone know why UI5 (or something else?) updated the IP address to remove the port, and what can be done to fix this? I don’t see this behavior in other threads - am I alone in this issue?


You can not have the mac address setup if you are using an ip address with a custom port. Either change the port back to 80 or remove the mac address. This will then solve your issue.

  • Garrett