IP camera

Trying to add my IP camera (FI8909W) to Control Cube as a “Web View”. I have tried several different URLs that works on my computer, but not in Control Cube. The simplest one is which displays just fine in Safari on the iPad (with and without parameters for user/pwd), however when entering the exact same URL as a web view in CC I only get a black window. In Safari it displays properly. I would imagine that Control Cube used Safari for web view?

Another version I tried was (with and without parameters for user/pwd/resolution/rate etc.) and it displays just a snapshot. This one is the same in Safari (works in Firefox on my computer though).

Hi GR, thanks for the feedback and testing.

Control Cube does use exactly a web view popup which is an instance of safari. So it is weird that your live.htm page is working on safari but not on Control Cube.

I will have access to a FOSCAM on Sunday afternoon, Ill test this out and get back to you about it on the same day.

UPDATE: I got to try a FOSCAM on Control Cube, you are correct in your results. I will be trying to figure out how to integrate Foscam over the next few days, worst comes to worst, I suppose we will have to create a plugin for it.

Hi GR, Thank you for reporting this Bug.

This is now fixed and updated in Version 1.5 of Control Cube. V1.4 is already submitted to apple and will take 2-3 more days to be out. While v1.5 will take approximately 7 days from today.

When you want to add the FOSCAM to V1.5, make sure first to create a new User in the FOSCAM user settings. The user can be a “Visitor” not Admin. set any username and password. For example username is GR and pass GR. Then in Control Cube. Add WebView->under URL you should specify the following exactly:

btw, with without “http://” will not matter, the app corrects the URL on its own.

Also, this should work on pretty much any camera not necessarily FOSCAM.

I have tested this on a FOSCAM and it works perfectly, thanks for your patience :slight_smile: