IP Cam Upgrade - your sugestions / experiance?

Hi All,

I currently have a cheap but effective Foscam type PTZ and night vision camera. It is internal and works well (all be it on a pc and controlled via Vera but not integrated as such). The solution works but…

I am wanting to add an outdoor camera and as with many things HA it is always good to hear what the community have found before I end up going through 2 or more cameras before I find what I actually want.

I seek:

  • PTZ (desired as if possible I would like one camera to be mounted on a wall corner to be able to see 2 locations, one would be a at 90 degrees and the other at 360 degrees (so a 270 degree pan range) so a need for quite a movement if possible. If not likely then 2 cameras that don’t move.)
  • Night vision
  • Wireless
  • Outdoor suitability (sort of covered above but just to be clear)
  • Good integration with Vera 3 UI5.

I would like to be able to:

  • Take images via Vera so I could send them in emails and via Vera alerts etc.
  • I would like to be able to record video on demand - so if a scene activates the need, record is started and then stopped via the scene or other Vera control.
  • Have remote access via mobile or similar
  • Present directions and ability to select them (if PTZ of course)

I may be asking a lot here but as yet not ventured into full and proper integration of a camera into Vera.

Thank you in advance to any one who has experience here and can offer some guidance / notes on experience before I open my wallet! ;D

Hi All just a slight BUMP on this since I have done some more reading.

I have reduced my search to a simple night vision wireless PTZ camera and the best I can find is around ?80 on eBay but is huge :frowning: (by best i mean works for my needs and is not too expensive)

Does any one know of or have a simple and relitively small dome camera that is wireless other than power, does PTZ and night vision?

All suggestions welcomed.

Thanks for any help.


I recommend the Hikvision line of cameras. The new DS-2CD2432F-IW is a great high def camera that is WiFi (no PTZ though). But in reality you could pick up 2 cameras and not need PTZ. If you’re looking for a high quality PTZ camera you are going to pay a lot of money.

Hi mike thanks for that. Hd quality not a major drama but realy want ptz. Thinking I may just go for 2 cheap dome cameras and not wory bout ptz.

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I’d skip to the PTZ unless you want to constantly be adjusting the presets…they drift a little every time they move…

I’d recommend these 720P cameras for 2 x $115. http://www.amazon.com/Dahua-Megapixel-Aptina-Bullet-Camera

They can be powered over POE ethernet switch to provide power over the network cable.

PS - Upgrade to 1080p for only $55 more. http://www.amazon.com/Dahua-IPC-HFW4300S-Eco-Savvy-Weatherproof-Security/dp/B00H2VSTG2

Hi AgileHumor

Thanks for that.

I will do some more research but I think I am just going to go for a very cheap fixed dome camera as it will likely last 2+years and will work well enough for what I need. I know picture quality may not be the best but I am not seeking HD or anything similar - just a feed of who is at the door when the bell goes so a basic one should do. will have a go and report back :slight_smile:

I have fixed view and PT style cameras. I won’t buy fixed view cameras anymore. The extra utility form the PT is well worth it in my mind. I plan to get a PTZ next but haven’t decided on which one to get yet.

Hi curiousB,

what cameras have you gone for (e.g have)? and what will you be looking at?

I am looking at dome cameras as more discreet when mounted by my front door.

people suggested the same “don’t go for the cheap option” when I got my first PTZ cameras but to be fair they still work now over 4+ years on and all function entirely as required in comparison to expensive ones. sure picture quality is not as good and they are not as user friendly but with a little effort all things are equally achievable in terms of integration.

I have been pretty happy using an indoor foscam 8910 recessed in my eave with a dome from here (https://www.replacementdomes.com/). It’s lasted over a year and a half here in VA in heat, rain, snow and single digit temps. I mainly keep it facing the street but of course it can be rotated to look at the front door as well. I still want to add another (probably not ptz) to the other side of the garage door since in its present position I can’t see what the person does once they’ve walked past it and are standing at the door. I figure for $60 if I can get 2+ years out of it then that’s good enough for me. The cheapest outdoor domes seem to have huge enclosures that won’t blend in well in the front of my house.

Hi cubs2b23 this sounds like my kind of soloution and agreed cheaper and does the job for a few years then happy days. Any chance of a photo of what ya final install looks like?

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Here ya go. I could only recess the camera so much since I didn’t have much in the attic to screw it into. The dome is 8" diameter and 4" deep. I also used electrical tape to black out the IR since the dome would have most likely reflected the light.

Wow I think that looks ace! great job :slight_smile:

How about the image quality, does the dome distort it at all?