Invocation Name

I’m so excited to see this service show up on my Google Home, though I still hope for native support someday. The installation and set up is a bit tricky to get working, and I’m still having issues, but given the complexity of web services talking to other services to do stuff in your house, I’m okay with a little difficulty here and there.

My bigger concern is the name, Vera Concierge. It doesn’t roll off the tongue, and it took me 14 times to figure out how to say it so Google Home understands it at least once every 3 attempts. I hope it isn’t too late to change it?

Suggestions? I like “My Vera”

“okay Google ask my Vera if my garage door is open”

I will let others chime in … I have to live with Google Rules … I am not sure “my” can be used …
It needs to be at least two words.

I agree. I just got this set up (awesome by the way!). It’s rather difficult to get it to pick up the “Vera Concierge” keyword. It seems to be the Concierge part that’s hard. Maybe something like “Vera Connect” or “Vera Home”.

I’m cool with Vera Connect because it is unique and fairly easy to say, and I don’t believe it would be misinterpreted much. Though, has anyone checked to see how Google is interpreting the name? That half of the time it thinks I am saying ‘Viera’.

Any thoughts if “Mi Casa” or “Mios” or any variations of it might be easier or better?

Trying to get mine working as well, no luck yet. I tried the new https://localhost:8989 link from the other thread (it said unsecure by the way) and I was able to get 2 of my 3 local Vera units to appear in “Associated Vera Controllers” . My main unit is one of the two, so I;m fine with that I guess. Then, I noticed you did another update. Once I tried to update to V 13 (I think, no way to tell now), it went to page cannot be displayed? Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can never get my Google Home to respond to the suggested commands.

I greatly appreciate the efforts, but would also greatly appreciate a more friendly command name. “Vera Home” or “Home Control” sounds much better to me as well. Just my $.02

BTW - I went back to your original thread, this link seems to take me nowhere as well now?

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer”]I will let others chime in … I have to live with Google Rules … I am not sure “my” can be used …
It needs to be at least two words.[/quote]

fwiw, I vote for “mi casa” if that could be used.

My backup vote goes to “mios” (hoping it might be allowed as a one word brand name since I believe Google’s guidelines are “One-word names are not allowed, unless the name is unique to your brand or trademark.”)

My family does not know that our home automation server product name is “Vera” and explaining “mi casa” is Spanish for my house or mios is a made up word for the home system rather than trying to explain that we call our house the same name of one of my wife’s friends seems like it might make more sense to our kid :slight_smile:

It sounds like the Service did not start back up when it did the update … you might try cycling the power on that machine
Not sure what platform you are so I can’t tell you specific way to restart the service.
Please provide more info in a separate thread.

I have also fixed my URL reference.

I don’t have a Google Home device. I spent quite a bit of time getting Google Assistant to understand my pronunciation of Vera Concierge before she(?) finally informed me that she did not support that device. It thought my pronunciation of “vera” was “bureau”. And I actually had to go out to Google and look up and listen to the correct pronunciation for Concierge. It turns out there is a soft g sound at the end. Even after I knew that I still had trouble.

I would love to be able to choose, record and invoke my own trigger words. Perhaps I would choose something like “Wakeup Robo” or something else with no subtle sounds.

But if that is not possible I guess I would prefer something like “Casa Connect”. Sharp hard sounds sounds like “OK” are easiest to say and easy-ist to interpret. Just ask any dog trainer.


If it isn’t possible to define your own invocations words, then a vote for “Vera home”

Not possible to define your own … but I have made a suggestion to Google to allow Invocation aliases to be defined by the User.

Having a heck of a time getting GH to recognize what I’m saying. “Concierge” seems to be the culprit, as well as recognizing my voice. I’ve retrained my voice several times and it’s still having trouble. Totally on board with the others that a more simple invocation name would help immensely. I apologize, I’m new to all this, but one thing I’ve noticed is it thinks my garage door controller is an on/off switch, so I have to say “turn garage door off” instead of “close garage door”. This is probably a problem in how my controller is set up on Vera, but maybe someone has a tip? I appreciate any/all help. Loving the effort in getting Google Home integrated with Vera. Thank you!

Still looking for a good suggestion that others feel good about.

I’m ok with VERA HOME.

seems easy enough to say

Did you check … many folks are having problems with “Vera”

I guess i missed that part. sorry.

My google home has no problem with the word Vera.

Maybe we should unanimously refer to her as SKYNET :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really looking forward to implementing Vera Concierge, but not having to say it!

My suggestion is for a 2-word personal name that rolls off the tongue easily and isn’t language-specific. Something easy for kids and spouses to remember and say. It could even be someone identified as using an invisible Force to control things. :wink:

OK Google, ask Obi Wan to raise the window blinds.

I’m not a Stars Wars fanatic, but I could easily get used to referring to my Vera HA system with a personal name such as this. It sure works for the Alexa crowd.

I also thought of taking the abbreviation for “command and control” (C2) to form an automaton name such as C2-D2, C2-PO, or C2-HAL. (Command and Control Home Automation Listener) But since it sounds like “See To How” it’s probably not a good invocation phrase. Obi Wan sounds like nothing else and seems to be very easily pronounced and recognized.

If it can be customized, you can call the concierge anything you want, Jeeves, HAL, Mom, etc.

Keep the suggestions coming … I am still waiting for one (actually two words) that’s not too nerdy …

Home control…?

I like that … I tried to stay away from home … because they are not always used in you home.