Invalid scene? CT30 thermostat

I’ve just installed mt CT30 thermostat and it’s recognized in my mios control panel. I believe that to now give it some automation, I must create scenes and then attach them to timers – though I’m not certain; I’m quite new at this.

I’ve tried to create an initial scene (not attached to anything) and so far all I get is an error when I try to run it: “Command failed: Invalid scene”.

My “Edit scene” tab shows that the scene has 2 commands.

My “Commands” tab shows them; set the unit to cool, and set the cool point to 72.

I’ve changed the commands to include all 5 possible, and just single commands, but the “invalid scene” error occurs no matter what I’ve tried.

Any ideas why this is occurring, or better – how I can get this working?

I recently installed this same thermostat at my house, if you noticed there is a smaller piece of instruction paper that came with the unit. It says to put the programming of the t-stat in simple mode(hold prog button for 12 seconds) I also had some issues until I went to the device itself, click on the wrench and input your temp settings first.

Once the t-stat is set up at the device level, then go into the scenes and start by entering the command tab. The first drop down is to tell the t-stat what you want cooling or heating or auto or off. Next down is the set heat setpoint temp, if you need heat to work you click on the drop down line that states this, enter a temp and then a second box opens and asks for a time frame, do you want it for a few hours then click on that. After that another box opens and asks if you want to revert to previous settings or go to another heat setpoint. Here is where you probably missed this, you need to go to the bottom of this window and there will be a slider bar to move the window over, it is partially blocked so only 1/2 a slider shows, slide it over and enter another temp that you would like to revert to after the time fram has expired.

In timers all you have to specify is when you would like this operation to take place and set it up as a timer for that command. The setting for cooling is pretty much the same. Good Luck, hope that helps.