Introducing the Ezlo Atom!

Our next-generation home controller is now available for pre-order
It´s wireless, easy to use, and amazingly affordable.

(US Z-wave frequency only).

Watch the video to learn more.


Under “Tech Specs” there really should be a “Software” section.

Hello, kindly requesting for a spec comparison vs the existing vera hubs. My existing vera plus is almost 5 years so already hoping to get an upgrade with additional features.


Hello, Robie,

The Atom is not supposed to replace any of the existing controllers but rather complete the line-up with more goodies coming up soon. - tech specs are on this page if you scroll down a bit.

Atom is running a new RTOS based on a new MiOS/eZLO architecture. The Atom doesn’t have a web interface on its own and can be controlled with the Vera Mobile Apps.


Bought, awaiting news for delivery date …

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does this have the new 700 series z-wave chip?

Sorry, not having a native webinterface will be a permanent No-Go for me.


The first revisions will be equipped with the 500 series chip.

So it’s basically a controller for smartphones?

It’s a really affordable way to get started with home automation.

Hi, I already reported to support, but I would like to register here:

I could not install with Android 9, only with IOS 13;
To find the region of the user, or location of where you are installing, the list option is incomplete, VERA Plus is much more complete and easier to find;
There is no even number holder opening in the device;
I couldn’t change to degrees celsus, or metric, that’s awful !!
You can’t control Ezlon together with Vera Plus or Edge in the same app, you have to log out to log in to Ezlo’s account all the time, very annoying.
It doesn’t work as a repeater or extension, so I see it as two incompatible controllers, ie no and will never be a home add-on to improving your automation network;
It really doesn’t replace any Vera;
It has a lot to improve, I would not recommend my customers to buy for now!


Hi, Guimaraes,

Thank you for reporting the issues to our support.

Our Android app min supported version is 5, so you should be able to install the app without any problems on Android 9. We need to investigate what happens in your case.

We are currently working to improve this, an update will soon come.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you refer by this, can you please give me more details?

Yes, since the current Atom is for US frequency only, for now the default display is the US specific units, but we’ll add support in the future for these settings to be changed by the users.

You most probably added the Atom under a different Vera account than the Vera Plus or Edge. You can add the Atom to your initial account if you want - to do this, login to the account used for the Atom, choose Advanced → Remove. This will remove your Atom from that account. To add it under your initial account, login to the account where you already have Vera Plus/Edge and tap Add a new Controller option, from the list with the controllers select the Ezlo Atom and follow the prompted instructions.
In this way you won’t need to log out each time you want to switch between controllers.

Ezlo Atom is not intended to replace your current Vera hardwares, it’s a new controller that allows people to kick-off their home automation journey, offering great features at a very competitive price.
The Ezlo Atom has other features planned, so it will keep evolving.

Thank you for your patience so far and I truly hope you will keep using the product.

Im pretty mad I decided to use A Ezlo Atom as I have used and sold many Vera products over the past 10 years or so. I spent over 6 hours setting the Atom up in my trailer as an alarm/automation system only to open the app up today to see all of my previously installed devices and scenes were gone.
After a call to Vera’s support they kindly told me I was an idiot for choosing Vera and Ezlo for my home control needs. They then gave me the awesome news that the Ezlo Atom has no backups and had no way to back the unit up so all of my hard work was down the tubes!
Thank you Vera as I can see you are still treating your customers and Alpha and Beta testers.
It looks like I will be using Home Seer for all of my automation needs in the future.